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About Selamlique

Selamlique Turkish Coffee operates with focus on design and quality, aiming to bring back and preserve the authentic ritual of Turkish coffee drinking.

The age-old tradition of Turkish coffee has been slowly dissipated as alternative coffees have invaded the market and its relevance overshadowed with each passing generation; whereas Turkish coffee is one of the few products that is fundamentally and exclusively linked to its nation of origin. This is why Selamlique Turkish Coffee was established with the principle objective of bringing international recognition to Turkish coffee, and aims to become the first global premium Turkish coffee brand.

Selamlique offers a series of complementing Turkish coffee accessories ranging from coffee pots and trays, branded coffee cups to Turkish Coffee Machines of different colors.  Selamlique also has a unique range of Turkish Delights, Delicacies, chocolate and  dragee that complements perfectly with the several different flavors of Turkish Coffee.

Selamlique operates in UAE with Dubai and Abu Dhabi café shops since 2013.